Giving an Exceptional Customer Service


Receptionists - CustomerCustomer Service is a relevant action you impart towards your clients, business partners and to your customers. It is simply dealing and providing needs of your customers of what they are expected. There are different types of Customers that you deal with every day. Each and every type of customer, it should be a different approach.
A “Loyal” client or customers – these customers are dealing business with you on a permanent manner. You tend to contact these type of customers in a daily basis in every form of communication such as mobile phones, landline, emails, chat, snail letters, etc. They can be your direct advertiser also. Loyal customers mean that they are satisfied with the services you provide. So most likely they will refer your business to other people and more customers mean more profit.
A “markdown” client or customers – these customers are doing business with you in a bulk order because they are opt to whole sale discounts. These type of customers will be a good business for you. The more or bulk their orders are, the more profit you will gain. They can be also your direct advertiser. ”Markdown” customers are satisfied customers as well.
“Desire or Impulse client or customers – these are the type of customers you are
going to love also. They are always agreeing with your recommendations. It
means they have trust on your preference.
Every customer, regardless of the type of customer, will expect an exceptional
customer service. Exceptional customer service leaves a satisfactory experience to
a customer and definitely will be doing business with you all over again, will stay
and remain loyal to your products and to the company itself.


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