Home Buying Process – Never That Too Easy!!!



Home buying will be very exciting. Yes it’s hard and you will undergo on various process before acquiring or purchasing a property.

Here are the complete lists of how you can buy a property and please take note that buying process varies per state.

  1. Find a Buyer’s Agent


Finding and hiring a Buyer’s Agent is very important to meet all your requirements and also for the security of your rights being a buyer. You should hire the best Buyer’s Agent that you are comfortable to work with.


  1. Seek for pre – approval

This is applicable when you are going to buy the property through financing. You have a lot of options where to go to get a pre- approval. So, you better check and weigh things that will give you the best service.

  1. Search for a property that you prefer


Detailed your wants and preference about the property.  Then ask your agent to collate various properties that suit you.


  1. Presents an offer


After you’ve decided what property to buy, it’s time to write an offer to the seller about your interest to purchase the property. This offer includes your offered price , Contingencies and Closing Date of the transaction.


  1. Provide Earnest Money Deposit


After the Seller accepts your purchase offer, you will now give Earnest Money Deposit to a right party (ESCROW). Emd shows your good faith in purchasing the property.


The Escrow will closes the transaction and create the transfer of Title.



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