Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent


Becoming a Real Estate Agent is very rewarding when he or she be able to close a deal. But before getting the reward, one must possess these things.

  1. Competence

For you to be able become a real estate agent you must be competitive, which means you should have the skills, knowledge and expertise of the field that you are working with.


  1. Can extend working hours

RE agents must possess an attitude of finishing the job in a day if possible. Extending working hours should not be a problem but a window for success.

  1. Multi-Tasking workers

Real Estate Agent is one of the most dedicate and committed workers on their job. You should possess the attitude of working Multi-tasking to avoid additional manpower costs and expenses. From posting of the property, following up leads, coordinating schedules to all parties involved in the transaction down to closing of the job. So better to be Multi-tasking rather than a One man One position to prevent having additional costs for the manpower.


  1. Flexible Income

This is the most exciting part of being a Real Estate Agent, the icing on the cake, the fruit of your labor. Although there is an act that controls the commission rate of a Real Estate Agent, there is a huge percentage to be successful in this industry because your Income will varies on how you will work  and perform your job. It is very rewarding when you are able to close the transaction for the first time. It means payout time. Then you will be more aggressive in finding your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on transaction to close and cater their needs. You will experience rough times yet it is heaven every after the closing date of your transaction.


  1. Enthusiastic, Energetic and Very positive

It is very important to have these two qualities or attitude when you want to be a successful Real Estate Agent. Positive energy attracts positive vibes. You must be consistent on having these two components. You must be enthusiastic and energetic towards your job and definitely success will chase you afterward. Buyers and Sellers want an agent that is easy to talk to, know their needs , proactive to come up with ideas and suggestion that will lighten up the whole transaction , skilled and expert in the field.  Remember provide excellent and success will absolutely chase after you.



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