Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent


Becoming a Real Estate Agent is very rewarding when he or she be able to close a deal. But before getting the reward, one must possess these things.

  1. Competence

For you to be able become a real estate agent you must be competitive, which means you should have the skills, knowledge and expertise of the field that you are working with.


  1. Can extend working hours

RE agents must possess an attitude of finishing the job in a day if possible. Extending working hours should not be a problem but a window for success.

  1. Multi-Tasking workers

Real Estate Agent is one of the most dedicate and committed workers on their job. You should possess the attitude of working Multi-tasking to avoid additional manpower costs and expenses. From posting of the property, following up leads, coordinating schedules to all parties involved in the transaction down to closing of the job. So better to be Multi-tasking rather than a One man One position to prevent having additional costs for the manpower.


  1. Flexible Income

This is the most exciting part of being a Real Estate Agent, the icing on the cake, the fruit of your labor. Although there is an act that controls the commission rate of a Real Estate Agent, there is a huge percentage to be successful in this industry because your Income will varies on how you will work  and perform your job. It is very rewarding when you are able to close the transaction for the first time. It means payout time. Then you will be more aggressive in finding your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on transaction to close and cater their needs. You will experience rough times yet it is heaven every after the closing date of your transaction.


  1. Enthusiastic, Energetic and Very positive

It is very important to have these two qualities or attitude when you want to be a successful Real Estate Agent. Positive energy attracts positive vibes. You must be consistent on having these two components. You must be enthusiastic and energetic towards your job and definitely success will chase you afterward. Buyers and Sellers want an agent that is easy to talk to, know their needs , proactive to come up with ideas and suggestion that will lighten up the whole transaction , skilled and expert in the field.  Remember provide excellent and success will absolutely chase after you.



Home Buying Process – Never That Too Easy!!!



Home buying will be very exciting. Yes it’s hard and you will undergo on various process before acquiring or purchasing a property.

Here are the complete lists of how you can buy a property and please take note that buying process varies per state.

  1. Find a Buyer’s Agent


Finding and hiring a Buyer’s Agent is very important to meet all your requirements and also for the security of your rights being a buyer. You should hire the best Buyer’s Agent that you are comfortable to work with.


  1. Seek for pre – approval

This is applicable when you are going to buy the property through financing. You have a lot of options where to go to get a pre- approval. So, you better check and weigh things that will give you the best service.

  1. Search for a property that you prefer


Detailed your wants and preference about the property.  Then ask your agent to collate various properties that suit you.


  1. Presents an offer


After you’ve decided what property to buy, it’s time to write an offer to the seller about your interest to purchase the property. This offer includes your offered price , Contingencies and Closing Date of the transaction.


  1. Provide Earnest Money Deposit


After the Seller accepts your purchase offer, you will now give Earnest Money Deposit to a right party (ESCROW). Emd shows your good faith in purchasing the property.


The Escrow will closes the transaction and create the transfer of Title.


Benefits of Having Home Warranty

What is Home Warranty? What are the benefits of having a Home Warranty? How can a buyer get a Home Warranty? What are the requirements to get a Home warranty? All these questions will be answer as you go along reading this article.


A Home warranty is as simple as covering repairs of your home like plumbing and or heating. Having a home warranty gives you and your family a safe and secure future. No hassle and free from worries of future expenses for minor and major repairs.

The head of the family usually takes the responsibility of purchasing or selling and it can be stressful, especially if your property or home has lot of repairs on its fixtures, appliances and even to its heating system. It is the responsibility of the seller to fix those problems before he or she can sell the property or on the other side, before you should purchase a property you need to check on those common problems. Having a Home Warranty greatly provide the owners security in future expenses. Home Warranty covers repair of home fixtures, system and appliances usually due to everyday use.

Home owners can get it to a home warranty company that provides full coverage of home repairs. So basically, you have to choose the best home warranty company that will cater your future needs for home.

To sum it up, make sure that if you’re going to buy a property or a home, you have to add Home Warranty on your list. Being secure is more comfortable than worrying every night of your life.

Presenting an Outstanding Offer


Offer is a document from a buyer to the seller, that states that he or she wants to buy the property. We will discuss what are the different components of a good offer that the seller will hardly decide if she or he will not sign the documents.

First component is presenting an offer with a Good price. Usually, Sellers love to see an offer if it matches his or her selling price.

Second component is presenting an offer together with a Good Earnest Money Deposit. EMD is the amount given by the buyer to the seller to show good faith in purchasing the property. Usually, a good EMD really affects the mood of the Seller when accepting an offer.

Third component is presenting an offer together with a pre-approval. This shows that the buyer has capability to get a property. This document is very important to proceed with whole process of the purchasing or as early as the Seller accepts the offer.

Fourth component is Contingencies or Inclusions written in the offer.  This includes the contingencies and special request of the buyer. Also the inclusions on the selling price, for example, fixtures, pool and other appliances.

Last is the Closing Date / Time. A shorter closing date is very attractive to the seller. The main impact is that the shorter the offer the more likely the buyer is willing purchase the


Having a dream home for your family is one of the best feeling and achievement in life. In the latter part of this article you will learn what are the top 3 fallacies or misconceptions of a home buyer.

Home buying is not that simple as buying a home or property that you want.  It will undergo several of transactions and you may encounter problems as well as delays during the whole process of buying your property. First you have to search your dream property; this includes property visits or shopping for a property which requires lot of your time. Second, if you are going to purchase the property through mortgage or loan, you should seek a pre-approval letter from your lender or financial institution or get proof of funds if you are using a cash payment method. Third, a home buyer should hire a buyer’s agent to aids in transaction coordination of the buying process. A Buyer’s agent also secures your rights as a buyer when presenting an offer to the Seller and so on.

Now let’s proceed to enumerate what are the top 3 fallacies of a home buyer.

  1. Big amount of down payment to get a property

When buying a home or property, whether, it is a cash or through loan, the down payment may vary from what type of loan you are going to use to buy a property. We have FHA, VA, Banks and Conventional. So down payment depends on what type of financing you’re going to use.

  1. Afraid of debts ( loan / mortgage )

People may tend not to buy home at all neither purchase a property because some of them are afraid to debts and lending money, buying a home has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, a person who is afraid of living on their own property because he or she cannot afford to buy the property on his own and are afraid of debts. This thinking should be replaced.

  1. Loan amount is derived based on income.

Loan amount is based on the property that you choose and then negotiate after getting the final rates and amount.

You may seek and approach financial advisers if you have the plan to create and purchase your dream home.


What is a mortgage? Let me find a very specific definition of a mortgage via internet, where most likely where we search a word definition every day.

According to Zillow website a mortgage is a loan that a bank or mortgage lender gives you to help finance the purchase of a house. It is most advantageous to borrow approximately 80% of the value of the house or less. The house you buy acts as collateral in exchange for the money you are borrowing to finance the mortgage for a house. A mortgage payment is composed of four parts: principal, interest, taxes and insurance. It is normally paid on a monthly basis. On my own opinion, a mortgage is a type of loan that a home buyer usually applied for in order to get the property they want. Having a pre-approval letter from a financial institution gives securement to the seller of the property. It gives security that a buyer can buy the property by means of mortgage which usually in a monthly basis.

A typical home buyer and want to be – home buyer , usually seek advises to various financial institution in the state for the to think about what’s the best mortgage deal they can have that in long term, they will be benefited from the property.

The process of getting a mortgage is not that easy.

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First you have to conduct a canvassing to various financial institutions such as Government Financial Institutions, different Banks and other parties that offer a loan or mortgage for purchasing a property. The reason is that you can get ideas from various Financial Institutions and you will have the luxury and options to choose where you will get a mortgage/ loan for the property that you are dreaming to have.

Second, after collecting information from different financial institutions, you may now, tabulate that information and choose what the best from the best. The reason for this tabulation is to track and compare different figures and rates including terms and condition. Choosing the best lender or financial institution that will cater your loan feels like your secure and on the right track of getting your dream home.

Lastly, after you chosen the lucky lender or financial institution, remember to always ask or bargain for a lowest rates, fees and interest. The reason is that, a good lender is willing to help you out on your financial liabilities and not to put you in a deepest hollow of debts you could ever imagine.

To those future home owners who is currently finding the right guy ( financial advisers ) to explain the pros and cons , advantage and disadvantages , result and somehow after shock on your income , never give up and don’t lose hope , you are half way there. You can never give up on your dreams and maybe even your family’s dream. Purchasing a property, whether income use and personal use, it requires a lot of patience and positive throughout the process or transaction.