Futuristic Approach on How to Develop the Best Experience in Home Buying and Selling




What is futuristic? And how are you going to adapt this word in developing the Best experience in Home Buying and Selling process.

As Mr. Gregory Yankelovich, a customer Experience IQ said that “Customers are no longer buying products and services – they are buying experiences delivered via the products and services “ .Thus mean that nowadays Customers and Consumers are opt to expect a great experience when buying  things that they really want.  Even with the smallest gestures, customer is observing you from head  to foot  and mostly want a perfect service.

Let me relate and connect futuristic word with Buying and Selling experience. In US, there is what you call MLS, which stands for Multiple Listing Services, where most of the properties that are for sale are listed there. It helps a lot in choosing the right HOME to purchase. MLS includes price, Property details and feature of the house or property.  It really ease the burden of finding the right home perfect for you and your family.

I can imagine that ten years from now will be so much different, MLS will be advance , that all the transaction are can be perform there. That ten years from now, no appearance needed when buying or selling a property, also no appearance needed when applying for a loan in the banks. All of the system will be high technology and promising. All documents are paperless; there will be no need for a physical sign because of advance security password. All of this may ease the burden of both parties, and will totally result for a total satisfaction because those appearances are taking so much of your time, why not instead of physical appearance we can have virtual processing of buying and selling a property.

Buyers and Sellers need and must meet their satisfaction when buying and selling their property. Well, yes indeed. If I were on the shoes of the buyer, I would like to be assisted in every concern that I have regarding in buying the property. For example, repairs, inspections and other contingencies that may need assistance from the seller itself. Meanwhile if I were on the shoes of the seller, I want a smooth transaction in selling my property. Which means no ifs and buts but a perfect and smooth process from start up to end.

There are also other ways in order for a buyer and seller have the best experience  in buying or selling a property. These are lenders should be updated in terms of  the borrowers credit standing, in order for him or her not to take so long to get a pre-approval letter and proceed in buying the property. Meanwhile for the seller’s side, a smooth process of dealing with the buyer will totally give him or her a peace in selling his or her property.

Technology now a days, is really in its fast evolution. It is not surprising if ten years from now all our documentation process will be as easy as 123.


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