Home Owners Association: It’s Benefits and Disadvantage


Home Owners Association Fee (HOA) is the monthly fee in a specific residential community or organization which is intended for improving of their specific community such as the amenities, attraction of each house (must be in good shape), waste collecting and other related things that need to maintain.

There are benefits of having Home Owners Association Fees, its use and function.

  1. Appearance of Every Houses in the Community

Home Owners Association delegates or representative make sure that every house on the community is able to follow the standard of being attractive and has good appearance. No paints are removed or dirty, lawns and garden should be daily monitored and cut if possible or else they will charge you a penalty for that.

  1. Less Maintenance for the Home Owner

Home Owners Association includes a waste collection management and Snow removal on every house in the community which removed the burden to the Home Owners.

  1. Amenities

Home Owners Association usually offers amenities such as parks, pools and other recreational area for the Home Owners.

  1. Issues of Home Owners to each other (if there is)

Home Owners can make report directly to Home Owners Association if they have concern or unwanted issues with their neighbors such as midnight parties with loud music , Dogs that are continuously barking that created disharmonious sound (very loud and irritating), etc. Home Owners Association Representative will make action to whatever concerns or issues arising in your specific community.

On the contrary there is con or disadvantage of having a Home Owners Association Fee, it’s just that you will be accountable to pay for this monthly maintenance fee and this amount could be change or revise in some period of time. It may increase to hundreds or even a thousand.


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