How Life of Real Estate Agent isn’t as deprived as you think


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If you are going to examine, observe and analyze the task and job of a Real Estate Agent every day, for sure, you will feel the stress, problem and pressure that a Real Estate Agent experienced every day of his life. This concludes you that these people are deprived already. Quality family time would be our top thing that a Real Estate is struggling nowadays. If you are going to put yourself on their situation or if you are going to be on the same page, surely your conclusion earlier will changed.

Real Estate Agent must have a long patience towards their client. Communicating, bargaining, explaining, and suggesting what is right and appropriate on the needs of his client, so basically they tend to have no quality time for their family. This happens if you, you’re a real estate agent doesn’t practice Time Management. There will such time that you will encounter clients that are so mean, as if they are going to buy a thousands of property whenever they are dropping by at your office, but as a matter of fact it is only a customer that loves to inquire lot of property but don’t have any potential energy that they will buy it for sure.  If these will happen to you, what normal reaction you’re going to feel? Normally you will get mad because of that. A Real Estate agent definitely finds a way on how you will provide an excellent service towards your client.

Real Estate Agent is a busy person in terms of finding leads, following up the leads, meeting with clients, and a lot more.  When you have existing project to close or transaction to close, this will show and unleashed your skills and patience to whatever circumstances you maybe face during the transaction. Every hard work will be pay off and rewarded after the transaction itself.

Your family will surely understand your life as a real estate agent, because first and foremost you are working very hard because of them. You want to give your family a decent, happy, and comfortable life same or better to others. Real Estate agent may give their twelve to sixteen hours with their client but then again it is very rewarded at the end of it.

To those who are not yet aware on the sacrifices that our real estate agent has been through, this is the time to reverse your conclusion and assumption about them. It is not that easy to sell a property, to talk to various people, to create report, search for the history of the property at the same time. It is not about the commission, it’s about their eagerness to earn something for them to provide their whole family a good and or better life to live with.

They are our hero because without them we can’t buy a right property for us that fits to our needs and preferences, not to have a house but to have a home where you can enjoy your life together with your loved ones.


5 things you should know Right now to become a Real Estate Agent


Real Estate Agents can perform a lot of things specifically when a potential property is involved. You can be a rock star Real Estate agent by knowing these 5 things on how to become a Real Estate Agent.

  1. Professionalism

If you want to enter the world of Real Estate as an RE Agent, you must study the process itself , take unit of education for Real Estate and the hardest thing would be, you must pass the Real Estate exam and get your Professional License. This begins your journey in RE world.

  1. Flexible working hours

Real Estate Agents must be ready and used to work beyond his or her working hours just to make sure all the reports and documents that need to be send out to both parties, the buyer and seller. Having perfect and accurate reports will attract clients that are serious on the transaction itself. Meeting with clients, buyer, seller, and other parties involved will definitely eat a lot f your time within the day. Those presenting the house and telling them all the advantages of acquiring the property.

  1. Multi-Tasking workers

Real Estate Agent is one of the most dedicate and committed workers on their job. You should possess the attitude of working Multi-tasking to avoid additional manpower costs and expenses. From posting of the property, following up leads, coordinating schedules to all parties involved in the transaction down to closing of the job. So better to be Multi-tasking rather than a One man One position to prevent having additional costs for the manpower.

  1. Flexible Income

This is the most exciting part of being a Real Estate Agent, the icing on the cake, the fruit of your labor. Although there is an act that controls the commission rate of a Real Estate Agent, there is a huge percentage to be successful in this industry because your Income will varies on how you will work  and perform your job. It is very rewarding when you are able to close the transaction for the first time. It means payout time. Then you will be more aggressive in finding your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on transaction to close and cater their needs. You will experience rough times yet it is heaven every after the closing date of your transaction.

  1. Enthusiastic and Energetic

It is very important to have these two qualities or attitude when you want to be a successful Real Estate Agent. Positive energy attracts positive vibes. You must be consistent on having these two components. You must be enthusiastic and energetic towards your job and definitely success will chase you afterward. Buyers and Sellers want an agent that is easy to talk to, know their needs , proactive to come up with ideas and suggestion that will lighten up the whole transaction , skilled and expert in the field.  Remember provide excellent and success will absolutely chase after you.


5 Things that you must CONSIDER about BUYING Foreclosures Property

Foreclosures properties defines as property that the homeowners failure to pay it’s mortgage and becomes past due. It is really important to get some piece of advice from your Financial Institution when buying a foreclosure property. Here are the 5 Things you must consider about buying Foreclosures



  1.  Hunting the Right Property

There are lots of listing that you can see for this type of property, the Foreclosures.

If  you are going to buy a house that is foreclosures you must bring tons of patience  in hunting the right property that fits your preference, your needs and the needs of the family without compromising  your family’s way of living such as schools for the kids, your work, shopping time , etc. You have to ask the help of our Real Estate agent for you to come up with other ideas that merely contribute a lot in finding the right home for you. It can be your “Home Sweet Home or your Income Property “ that will bring a positive cash flow in the longer plan.

  1.  Neighborhood

This will greatly affect your whole life after you were able to purchase a foreclosure property. There a lot og things that you want consider in buying a property. One of this , your soon to be neighborhood. If you’ve find a property that has an Amazing neighborhood you feel like safe and brighten up every day. This means that it is wise enough to buy a foreclosure property that has amazing neighbors.


  1.  Transportation


Transportation would be the heart of your staying on your new home. It is the main driver of staying for good for other persons perspective. Easy to catch the train , bus and other means of transportation is one main point to consider in buying your new home. It will saves you a lot ( money and energy )when you pick a property near or within the parameter of the public zones inside the community.

  1.  Miscellaneous

This is the thing you must also consider in buying foreclosure property, If it has a HUGE miscellaneous, maybe you may need to plan on what to do with the property itself. It has to generate an income so that you can afford high miscellaneous fees such as HOA, Maintenance on the community if there is, etc.

5. Inspections

Complete Site Inspection before buying a foreclosure property is the most important thing to consider. Others may experience pest on their home, molds, damage water, illegal electric wirings, leaking roof solid foundation, etc. This part is crucial because it will tell the buyer the time that she can use the property.  For example , Termites and ants are great destroyer of home when you will not give a high attention on this problem. It should be treated as soon as possible. Water Damage and leaking roof needs a lot of attention to be able to preserved not only the value of your Home,



If you studied and practiced the information , You’ll definitely stunned by your property!