Real Estate Myths: Know the Truth behind

Real Estate myths are everywhere.  Most of the time people tend to accept and believe whatever they hear and see to other people’s speculations even without concrete basis especially if it is trending in different social media sites.

Here are two examples of top myths in Real Estate that I am going to dissect and proved to you that these are just only myths.

All Real Estate Agents are the same.  First of all, there are no people are the same. We are all made by God unique and different with one another. In Real Estate business, agent that has 10 years of experience compare to agent that has 1 year experience is completely different in terms of skills and knowledge. If  you are sick and you must see a doctor, which would you prefer, seeing a doctor with one ( 1 ) year experience in the medicine or doctor with ten (10) years of expertise? . Everyone has their right to choice.  Second one would be Agents who get kickbacks from Lenders / Title / Inspectors. Definitely not true. There is a law that controls this malicious act. Based on according to  Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act  , the law is pertaining to disclose all cost/fees pertaining to closing of Real Estate transaction.

We don’t have to believe in such things / rumors that you personally does not experience it yet.

Real Estate Myths are just things that circling on the Real Estate industry which are identified not true. So better to seek for the truth rather that believing to rumors or gossips.


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