I am the Best MyOutdesk Rockstar VA

Being  virtual assistant is one of the most exciting yet challenging job. On training, you maybe overwhelm on the discussions  especially to those who are first timer like me.

You will be forcing yourself to unlearn the different skills and procedures that are related to the job. One should have great patience in adjusting, adapting and learning a new concept of being an assistant. Virtual assistant is not what you will expect usually. You have to be a super-agent that requires commitment, patience, trust, eagerness to learn the process, etc. You’ll have to love your job or position first to become best virtual assistant and all success will chase you.

As day goes by, every lessons, modules and topics that we discussed in the virtual training room, all of those, greatly contribute on expanding my horizon to new things and learning that I truly appreciate and acknowledged.

I am the best MyOutdesk Rockstar VA because I attained all of those attributes. Yes, you will fail many times, you will sacrifice a lot but the result will be gratifying. I am not afraid to make mistakes in such a way that you will learn from it and never do it again. I don’t give up nor quit. I will continue to believe in myself, to provide excellent customer service to clients, to contribute and be an asset of MyOutdesk.

I am looking forward to apply my acquired knowledge and skills and to execute the things that I have learned in training.


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