Evolving: Real Estate as a Whole

What comes up on your mind when you heard the  phrases: Evolving Real Estate?

All of us might get curious what seems to be the reason why Real Estate industry for the past 5 years continuously growing in fast pace manner. On the latter part we will discover how it’s started and how it will  be most likely in the near future.

Based on the report of CB INSIGHTS, for top 3 states in the US , the California, New York and Texas , Real Estate activity keeps on growing for the past five (5) years. This shows how incredibly Real Estate is evolving as a whole.


In my opinion, one of the best reason is advertising on top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It triggers the positivity of a lead to be more successful because of this. How and why these social media sites affect the status of Real Estate as whole? Typical answers are, in this generation people are more interactive virtually to these sites , they tend to see the differences and advantages of different aspects when buying a property and lastly, with the help of Realtors/ Agents who are taking advantage on these free advertisements for their property. The evolving status of Real Estate as a whole will definitely contribute a lot to the success of the economy.





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