I am the Best MyOutdesk Rockstar VA

Being  virtual assistant is one of the most exciting yet challenging job. On training, you maybe overwhelm on the discussions  especially to those who are first timer like me.

You will be forcing yourself to unlearn the different skills and procedures that are related to the job. One should have great patience in adjusting, adapting and learning a new concept of being an assistant. Virtual assistant is not what you will expect usually. You have to be a super-agent that requires commitment, patience, trust, eagerness to learn the process, etc. You’ll have to love your job or position first to become best virtual assistant and all success will chase you.

As day goes by, every lessons, modules and topics that we discussed in the virtual training room, all of those, greatly contribute on expanding my horizon to new things and learning that I truly appreciate and acknowledged.

I am the best MyOutdesk Rockstar VA because I attained all of those attributes. Yes, you will fail many times, you will sacrifice a lot but the result will be gratifying. I am not afraid to make mistakes in such a way that you will learn from it and never do it again. I don’t give up nor quit. I will continue to believe in myself, to provide excellent customer service to clients, to contribute and be an asset of MyOutdesk.

I am looking forward to apply my acquired knowledge and skills and to execute the things that I have learned in training.


Make your Home Insured

Home for us is the best place to rest that is why we are investing a lot of resources whether money, effort and life. Usually the head of the family works really hard to obtain a decent and safe home for his family. They usually decide to get insurance for their home. Let us talk about deep understanding regarding Home Insurance.

Home Insurance is a type of insurance that protects your property to future damages, unpredictable bad things that might happen to your property and even assuring the ownership of your home.

In Real Estate business, when procuring a property, one requirement would be the home insurance. It protects your property to damages that may occur once you already purchased the house or the property and most important is when you’re already residing to it. It will make you feel safe and secure with terms of ownership of your property. This will also gives you a relaxed feeling of not worrying to spend money for the repairs of your new home in any instances and events. There are  lot of advantages that surely you will enjoy and definitely you will not regret to have this kind of insurance, the Home Insurance. It is just like health insurance that needs to put a serious attention to it.

Your home will also witness the step by step process on how you are going to reach your goal and success in life. So make sure to have your Home insured.

Excellent Customer Service in Real Estate Business

What is Excellent Customer Service for us? How can we say that the service that you experienced was excellent?. Everyone wants to be treated good and experience excellent service.

Excellent or great customer service is a type of service that comes with an extra mile effort that a person wants to experience in his daily living.

In Real Estate business, we can say that the service is great and excellent by providing all necessary information, meeting deadlines, providing honest advice to potential buyers, proactively offering solution to the problems, professional when dealing to various parties that are involved in the Real Estate transaction and all possible efforts that are exerting extra mile deeds.

An excellent customer service in Real Estate will result to a satisfied and happy buyer,  seller and other parties involved in the transactions. These may lead to repeat business and continuous success of the business.

Real Estate agents must practice providing excellent and great customer service not only to satisfy the client but also to make sure the repeat of the business.

All of us feels great when we are being prioritize specially in dealing with business  to other people . For example a first time buyer is looking for Real Estate agent that will help him decide which property is best and fit for his needs. A typical agent will ask the first time buyer  a lot of questions regarding his preferences in a specific property but an agent that will provide an excellent and great customer service will give him advice and suggestions in buying a property proactively.

Excellent customer service in Real Estate is very important when dealing with a client because it will result to a pleased and content buyers that will definitely pull you to success.

Real Estate Myths: Know the Truth behind

Real Estate myths are everywhere.  Most of the time people tend to accept and believe whatever they hear and see to other people’s speculations even without concrete basis especially if it is trending in different social media sites.

Here are two examples of top myths in Real Estate that I am going to dissect and proved to you that these are just only myths.

All Real Estate Agents are the same.  First of all, there are no people are the same. We are all made by God unique and different with one another. In Real Estate business, agent that has 10 years of experience compare to agent that has 1 year experience is completely different in terms of skills and knowledge. If  you are sick and you must see a doctor, which would you prefer, seeing a doctor with one ( 1 ) year experience in the medicine or doctor with ten (10) years of expertise? . Everyone has their right to choice.  Second one would be Agents who get kickbacks from Lenders / Title / Inspectors. Definitely not true. There is a law that controls this malicious act. Based on homebuying.com according to  Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act  , the law is pertaining to disclose all cost/fees pertaining to closing of Real Estate transaction.

We don’t have to believe in such things / rumors that you personally does not experience it yet.

Real Estate Myths are just things that circling on the Real Estate industry which are identified not true. So better to seek for the truth rather that believing to rumors or gossips.

Real Estate Agent: Key Recipe in Real Estate Business

Real Estate Agent is one of the key recipe in the success or closing a deal in Real Estate business. They have tons of responsibilities in such a way that are crucial in the step by step transaction and procedures when making a deal to a Buyer or to a Seller.

Publishing the property in different sites, creating an offer to the Seller, creating counter offer to the buyer, pursuing the seller to agree and sign the contract, coordinating with different parties that are related to the business, facing a lot of crucial tasks when dealing with clients, presenting the property to potential buyer, submitting various reports to different parties, (Buyer, Seller, Escrow, Inspectors, etc.). These are jobs that a Real Estate  agent performed when dealing with potential clients. All the details must be perfect and there is no room for mistakes.

Yet the job is challenging, demanding, tough and tedious, it is very rewarding when a Real Estate agent closed a deal. All the hardships and headache are gone with the wind when a property is sold. Their efforts are counted and acknowledged as key recipe in the success of Real Estate Industry nowadays. They are trained and skilled to process a transaction of buying or selling a property. They are also aware of the basic legal procedures and steps in order to protect the rights and privileges of their clients, whether a Seller or a Buyer.

If I am going to purchase a property it is a must to hire a Real Estate to protect your rights as a buyer or a seller. According to bankrate.com, there are 7 tips for picking a Real Estate agent. Well I guess on the both side of  seller and the buyer,  it is really a must also to pick a best Real Estate because again they are the key recipe in Real Estate Business.

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Evolving: Real Estate as a Whole

What comes up on your mind when you heard the  phrases: Evolving Real Estate?

All of us might get curious what seems to be the reason why Real Estate industry for the past 5 years continuously growing in fast pace manner. On the latter part we will discover how it’s started and how it will  be most likely in the near future.

Based on the report of CB INSIGHTS, for top 3 states in the US , the California, New York and Texas , Real Estate activity keeps on growing for the past five (5) years. This shows how incredibly Real Estate is evolving as a whole.


In my opinion, one of the best reason is advertising on top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It triggers the positivity of a lead to be more successful because of this. How and why these social media sites affect the status of Real Estate as whole? Typical answers are, in this generation people are more interactive virtually to these sites , they tend to see the differences and advantages of different aspects when buying a property and lastly, with the help of Realtors/ Agents who are taking advantage on these free advertisements for their property. The evolving status of Real Estate as a whole will definitely contribute a lot to the success of the economy.